Who We Are

We are a professional china prototype company who are dedicated in the pursuit of the highest quality product prototype and services for clients' various needs.Using the latest technologies available, We have a strong technical support forces, continue to accumulate decades of experiences, expertise, and technical personnel to work hard every day, try to make each client satisfy, so that each order to be perfect.Thus share the challenges and pressures of clients.We provide CNC prototype machining, model making, rapid tooling..etc services.We will match them to ensure that the prototype parts meets your expectations and also your products requirements exactly. Our goal is to offer affordable plastic prototype and metal prototype and products with exceptional accuracy and precision. Our experiences in prototype manufacturing field will also ensure that you have the best product cost and performance.


As rapid prototyping services manufacturer,We have an international process management and production processes,a flexible service and good reputation,excellent processing technology and production procedure, Willing to work with brand awareness and technology innovation client win-win cooperation, and We have been training for staff, and constantly improve their skills and professionalism, we have excellent hand-treatment technicians and dust-free painting room, the prototyping model can be polished, painted, sandblasted,UV painted, anodized, chrome plated,screen printed and other full range of surface treatment to meet client demands for high quality prototype parts.

Our Values

Integrity, accountability, and excellence are our core values. We trust a successful business is defined by clients' satisfaction. To build a good, long-lasting, and trustworthy relationship with our clients by our commitment to provide the best rapid prototyping services, Make clients continue to feel the perfect experience designed to help them value their achievements!

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